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KrAZ 258 – BeamNG Drive

KrAZ 258

Author: Adam Gunchokov 

Kraz 258 for BeamNG DRIVE. Legendary Soviet truck Kraz now in BeamNG DRIVE, this is the first of three osnny truck and I must say the model of excellent quality and were finally able to solve the problem of how to make three osnnye trucks that will be a step towards the development of new tractors. Through trial and error model trucks are getting better , Kraz perfect beats and deformed. Adam as always surprised . By default, the view from the cabin is disabled may in future versions of the model and it will be . In general, events great and there are no errors . Enjoy the game .

DOWNLOAD 593-kraz-258.zip – 12.5 MB

Monza 1988 – BeamNG Drive


Monza 1988 – a race track with a huge circular track. For its passage is better to choose a car with easy operation , because the road is deceptive directness : hardly be dispersed , and suddenly finds himself in front of ” stud “. If you fly off the track , you can get into the dense bushes, in which the machine will turn into scrap metal. On location there bleachers filled with spectators . However, people are not the creators of the animated . There is also a parking lot with a few machines , and lights ( implemented change overnight / day ) and small fences . Fences are very convenient . Because they fly off the road almost impossible.

DOWNLOAD monza-1988.zip – 117.1 MB