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B-25 Mitchell v.1.01 – BeamNG Drive


Takeoff. Install the automatic transmission mode by pressing “Q”. Click the “X” and press the up arrow once. Use the “P” key to activate or deactivate the steering wheel. You can always steer the rudders. Take-off speed of 180 km / h. Once off the ground, continue to pick up speed, and then, at a speed of 220 km / h, retract the landing gear by pressing “N”. Up to a speed of 300 km / h the plane will tend to nose in the ground, and then go straight. Maximum velocity was about 450 km / h. Be careful when maneuvering at speeds exceeding 350 km / h – because of flutter can be damaged.

Reduce speed to 300 km / h and landing gear. When the band to stay about a kilometer, press “Z” to select the throttle. Use “P” for braking.

Bombing. Place bombs on the plane by selecting them from the list of boot (“Ctrl + W”). Open bombolyuk key “<“.

Author: B25Mitch


B-25 Mitchell – BeamNG DRIVE

B-25 Mitchell2
B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell4
B-25 Mitchell3

Throttle full power: X (while in Real Automatic)
Throttle idle: Z (While in Real Automatic)

Wheel brakes on: P (toggle)

Left wheel brakes: left arrow (while wheel brakes are on)
Right wheel brakes: right arrow (while wheel brakes are on)

Landing gear retract: N
Landing gear extend: N (press twice)

Bomb bay doors open: < (toggle) Bomb release: > (1 press = 1 bomb, 2 presses = 2 bombs, etc.) Use the Ctrl-W parts menu to load bombs.

Test version BeamNG DRIVE

Author: B25Mitch